Aleko Hut

Aleko Hut is situated in the Maslovitsa area in Vitosha Mountain, the northeast foot of Little Resen peak. It is located at 1840 m. And the location is good for hikes. Often the preferred starting point is the route to Cherni Vrah (2290 m) with a duration of 1 hour and 30 minutes and a displacement of 450 meters. It is the first hut of Vitosha Mountain and is built with the labor and means of enthusiasts, followers of the founder of the organized tourist movement in Bulgaria – Aleko Konstantinov. That is why it has his name. The building has a capacity of 100 beds, floor bathrooms and bathrooms, local heating, tourist dining room, buffet, restaurant, artificial climbing wall, ski wardrobe, ski slope, ski lifts, parking. The hut is an E-4 point. Exit points: Upper lift station of the lift from Simeonovo (Sofia) – in proximity; Upper Glovi peak lift station from Dragalevtsi (Sofia) lift station – 0.30 hrs; Dragalevtsi (Sofia) – 3 hours (14 km by road). Neighboring sites: Tinting hut – 1.30 h; Cherni Vrah – 1.30 am This makes it an accessible ski destination during the winter season and an ideal year-round location for anyone who wants to enjoy the beautiful view and silence of Vitosha mountain.

Where to stay near Aleko Hut