Kaliakra Archaeological Reserve

Kaliakra is one of the oldest reserves in Bulgaria and one of the 100 National Tourist Sites. In archaeological terms the cape is a classic ancient and medieval center, capital of The Dobrudzha despotism era of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom / XII – XIV c. / and residence of despot Dobrotitsa. Natural Reserve “Kaliakra” covers an area of 688 acres steppe areas and the marine area. There are very herbaceous, shrub and tree species, which represent around 29% of the flora of Dobrudzha. The wealth of birds due to the Via Pontica – migratory route, passing over the area.

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1 April – 31 October
9 am – 7 pm
open every day
The museum stays closed during the rest of the year.
Adults – BGN 3
Children – BGN 1.50Lectures – BGN 10