The Arbanasi Archeological Reserve

The village of Arbanasi is located on a high plateau 4 km from the city of Veliko Tarnovo.
It is known that the village existed during the time of the Second Bulgarian State (1185 – 1393). At that time the Bolyari living in the capital Tarnovo used it as a summer residence. According to legend, the Tsar of Tarnovo minted coins here.
During the 17th century, Arbanasi rose to prominence as a trading center. Traders from Arbanasi were renowned and traded throughout the Turkish Empire. The houses of wealthy traders from this period resembled small fortresses. They appeared severe and forbidding from the outside, without balconies or terraces, with bars on the windows and sturdy armored entrances. Within, however, they were richly appointed and most impressive. The entire interior was decorated with doors, windows, closets, floors with exceptionally ornate woodworking and plaster elements, all of which demonstrates the highly developed artistic skills of the builders. Characteristic of the houses in Arbanasi is that because of the way they were built, it was possible to remain inside for long periods without going out, except to the well in the courtyard for water. Arbanasi offers a variety of accommodations – it is possible to stay in a guesthouse appointed in the traditional style, in modern hotels and large hotel complexes, or in villas and lodges in the region.
Restaurants and other dining facilities offer typical Bulgarian fare and a wide range of regional specialties.


Accommodation in Arbanasi

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