History Museum Asenovgrad

The Museum of History in Asenovgrad was settled in 1971 in the purposely adapted building, built in 1895 as the House of the Army officer. The Exposition of 1,000 museum units is displayed on an area of 200 sq m in three halls and three Departments in the Museum. Department of Archeology gives information about human life in our region by 7000 BC. The stone and bone implements, religious and household items are shown here. The Museum’s ceramics from the Neolithic period astound with a beauty and bold creative solutions. The exposed works of prehistoric cult plastic and zoomorphic vessels are very characteristic. The find at the village of Muldava – a ceramic vessel in the shape of a deer – is really exclusive. Stone axes with holes, bone flat idols, ceramics and more show the human development during the Chalcolithic. The clay female Idol, a symbol of fertility, with the artistic natural deformation of the body attracts our particular interest as an object of a cult.

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08:30-17:00 Monday – Friday
10:00-16:00 Saturday – Sunday
Enterance fee – 1,50 BGN