Bacho Kiro Cave

In 1937 it became the first developed cave in Bulgaria. Bacho Kiro is an intricate 3600 m-long maze of cave rooms and forking passages. There are two routes for visitors to take in the cave. The first one is about 700 m long and takes 70 minutes to cover. The short route is 350 m long and can be covered in approximately 30 minutes. The cave has impressive lighting system that allows visitors to better see the various shapes of rocks, such as the Stone Flower, the Jellyfish, the Lonely Column, the Elephant, etc. The Rain Room, the Concert Room, and the Guest Room are particularly interesting.

Where to stay near Bacho Kiro Cave

Additional Information

1 November – 30 March:
10 am – 4 pm1 April – 30 October:
9 am – 6 pm
Short route:
Children, Students, Seniors – BGN 2
Adults – BGN 3
Family ticket – BGN 8
Long route:
Children, Students, Seniors – BGN 3
Adults – BGN 5
Family ticket – BGN 13
The lecture is included in the ticket price.