Община Банско

Holy Trinity Temple – Bansko

The temple “Holy Trinity” is situated in the center of Bansko and it is one of the symbols of the resort. Besides being one of the most visited attractions of the town, the temple is one of the largest in Bulgaria. Before the building of the memorial temple “Alexander Nevski” in Sofia, “Holy Trinity” used to be the largest temple in the country.
A Christian cross and a Turkish crescent can be seen by its main entrance, close to each other – a symbol of tolerance between religions.
The bell tower in the courtyard of the temple was built later – in 1850 by Usta (master builder) Gligor Doyuv. It is 30 meters high and is considered a symbol of Bansko. A clock was installed at the bell tower in 1866 by the self-taught builder of Bansko – Todor Hadzhiradonov.
The whole complex is designated as one of the most brilliant achievements of the Bansko culture in the era of the Bulgarian Revival.

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