Община Банско

Museum “Neofit Rilski”

The house, where was born the noted activist of Bulgarian Renaissance Neofit Rilski, is a culture value with national importance today. It is a typical house of traditional architectural style of Bansko from 18th century. It was build almost entirely of stone and wood, with yards surrounded by high walls and solid front gate. On the first floor there is a hiding place and a room for kneading and roasting bread. On the second floor there are: a guest room, a living room, a nursery and a cell-school, and a room of the father of Neofit Rilski, who was a priest and a cell-teacher. The open terrace connect the ex-barn and the home. The barn was turned into an exposition which consists literary heritage of Neofit Rilski. Here the visitors can see the first Bulgarian grammar, tables for writing and reckoning, some parts of Bulgarian-Greek dictionary, number of textbooks, and all these were written by the first Bulgarian secular teacher – Neofit Rilski.

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