Regional Historical museum Blagoevgrad

The regional historical museum of Blagoevgrad has a modern building where esteemed expositions such as archeology, nature, the Bulgarian lands 15th-20th century and ethnography are housed. The museum has over 160 thousand items. Among the entire collection there are items of great importance such as: an unique collection of figures from the prehistoric age; items from the time of the Thracians – armor and weaponry of a Thracian warrior, images on marble plates and clay lamps with scenes from a gladiator fight, clay masks, medical instruments, coins from a Thracian tribe from the end of 5th-4th centuries BC; a collection of tombstone plates and bowls, Bulgarian jewelry and ceramics from Melnik; literature from the Enlightenment; unique ethnographic collections of materials, costumes, ceramics, metal and wooden objects from the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, valuable documents including 24 letters from the famous revolutionary Gotse Delchev and personal items of other fighters and revolutionaries from the time of the national liberation movement.

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