Bratsigovo Historical Museum

The Historical Museum of the city was established in 1926 by a group of teachers who found a modest collection in the old community center. Today there are the most numerous museum exhibits related to the revolutionary struggles of the local population. Here are the flag, borrowed by Anna Gizdova, original cherry bead, bible, knife and revolver, which the rebels have sworn, as well as many objects belonging to the hero of Bratislav Vasil Petleshkov. Today, in his house, built in 1872 by master Ivan Boyanov, is housed the art gallery of the townThe exhibition “Bratsigovo architectural-building school during the Renaissance” was opened in 1981 in the magnificent complex “Popovi Houses” and is dedicated to the famous Bratsigovo dulgeri. In the “Kunevi Houses” – another notable architectural monument of culture is the Ethnographic Exposition. It was opened in 1986 and reveals the livelihoods, customs and customs of the population of Bratsigovo and the region. In 1976 he opened the exhibition in the home of Vasil Petleshkov. It reveals the life and activity of the organizer and leader of the April uprising in the Braccigov rebel station.

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