The Buynovo Gorge

The Buynovo Gorge is the longest gorge in Bulgaria. It is located between the villages of Yagodina and Teshel. The cliffs on both sides of the canyon rise hundreds of meters. The narrowest gap between the cliffs is called “The Wolfs’ Leap” – local residents say that during winter wolves would leap the chasm to attack the sheepfolds. Besides caves, the river has carved other interesting formations in the marble cliff. Not far from The Yagodina Cave there is a natural bridge, and close to the bridge is the beautiful Praskolo waterfall. The Buynovo Gorge can be visited on foot, by car on a paved road that winds along the base of the cliffs. The beauty of the Buynovo Gorge can be appreciated from “a bird’s-eye view,” thanks to the Eagle’s Eye – a metal platform built on the precipitous cliff face of the Saint Iliya Peak at a height of 1,563 meters, with impressive views of the entire surround area. Several hiking trails have been built in the region.

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