The Chapel-mausoleum “St. George Victor” in Pleven

The mausoleum was erected for immortalization of the memory of fallen Russian and Romanian solders at Pleven during the Russo-Turkish Liberation War 1877-78. For Pleven were perished 31 000 Russians and 4 500 Romanians solders and officers.
The idea for the mausoleum was given by the prominent revolutionary, patriot and public figure Stoyan Zaimov. It was built in the period of 1903-1907 by private donations. 300 000 gold levas, donated by municipalities and private persons, were used for its construction. It was builed after the project of the Bulgarian architect P. Koychev who won the competition organized in 1903.
It is a remarkable historical and architectural monument. It was built in the style of the late medieval Bulgarian churches. There is one central cupola and another four semi-cupolas. A big cross is fixed on the top. The mausoleum is 24 m high.
There are two memorial tablets on the northern and on the southern sides of the mausoleum with the names of 95 Russians and 37 Romanians regiments with battalions, brigades and batteries participated in the war, the names of the officers and the number of soldiers who died near Pleven is carved. Up in the cornes are the names of the battle places.

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