Art gallery “Nikola Manev” – Chirpan

The art gallery “Nikola Manev” in Chirpan has been established by the world-known Bulgarian artist Nikola Manev. It is housed in an old Revival house with typical Plovdiv architecture from XIX century, built in 1867 in the upper hamlet of Chirpan. It has symmetrically situated premises. In year 2000 the great artist bought the house and endowed the Chirpan Municipality with it. On his initiative the house has been restored and turned into an art gallery. On its inauguration, Nikola Manev laid the beginning of its collection, giving it 20 of his well known works. Besides the constant exposition of works of the famous artist, in the gallery there is an exhibition of crystals bestowed by Ilia Delev – a Bulgarian, who lives in Brasilia. The art gallery “Nikola Manev” makes exhibitions with the Municipality art gallery. The major priority of the gallery is to foster the work of the local artists and thus contributing to the development of the town cultural life. It is situated in the yard of the house-museum Peyo Javorov. Together they form a whole museum complex.

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Monday – Friday: 08:00 – 17:00h. Saturday: 08:00 – 16:00h.