Museum House of Peyo Yavorov – town of Chirpan

The Museum House of Peyo Yavorov is situated in the central part of the town of Chirpan. Peyo Yavorov was born in Chirpan on 1 January 1878 (13 January according to the new calendar) and lived in his native home until the age of 17. Besides his active literary activity, Yavorov was also known as a participant in the National Liberation Movement of Macedonia and the Balkan War (1912 – 1913). Peyo Yavorov is an author of more than 160 poems in three poetry collections, which have been translated into more than 20 languages, among which Russian, Belorussian, Ukrainian, Polish, Czech, German, English, Armenian, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, French, Romanian, etc.
The poet is considered one of the fathers of symbolism in Bulgarian lyrical poetry. The museum exposition in Chirpan presents the original domestic arrangement of the kitchen, the guest room (also called “the middle room”) and the so called Peyo’s room. The portrait of Hadzhi Dimitar and Stefan Karadzha (Bulgarian revolutionaries and partisans of the liberation from Ottoman dominion) can be seen in the guest room, displaying the attitude of the family towards the liberation struggle. The guest room is preserved in the way in which the Yavorov family had arranged it, preparing to welcome the poet and his wife Lora in September 1913.
A bust – monument of the poet was placed in the house yard. In 1973 an Exposition Hall was opened in the Museum. Pictures and belongings representing the life and the work of Yavorov from the old Chirpan, his school years in Plovdiv, the work of the poet as a telegrapher in various Bulgarian towns, his participation in the cultural circle called Misal (Thought) are presented in it.

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