Museum of Mosaics – Devnya

The Museum of Mosaics is located in the town of Devnya. It is an in city museum that is housed in a specially constructed building whose purpose is to preserve the archaeological discoveries.
The ancient building dates back to the time of Emperor Constantine I the Great – the end of the 3rd century – the beginning of the 4th century. It was an urban house (villa urbana) that took up the area of a whole quarter of the Roman town of Marcianopolis which was one of the biggest towns in this part of the empire. Five of the rooms and the portico are covered in multi-coloured floor mosaics – some of the best examples of Roman mosaic art found on the territory of Bulgaria.
The reception hall is the biggest room of the building that is decorated with mosaic. One of the central panels of the mosaic tells the ancient Greek myth of Ganymede’s abduction. So far this is the only mosaic discovered on the territory of Bulgaria depicting this scene.

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