Historical and Architectural Complex Daskalolivnitsata

One of the simbols of Elena city is the class school “Daskalolivnitsa”. The building of the school is one of the first civil construction in Elena city. It was built in 1844 for the needs of the first bulgarian class school. It was founded by Ivan Nikolov Momchilov in 1843. The poet Petko R. Slaveykov, who was a former student of this school, gave it the name “”Daskalolivnitsa””. In translation the name means: “”Daskal”” – “”Teacher”” and “”livnitsa”” – “”moulder””, “”Teacher-moulder””. The building is restored and now inside it there are the exposition “”Elena in the time of the Renaissance 18th-19th century”” and the exhibition “”Christian art – second half of the 19th century”.

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