Golyam Perelik Peak

Golyam Perelik (2 191 m.) is the highest Rhodopean peak. The Rhodopes rank the seventh place among the Bulgarian mountains with it. The mountain ridge is covered with beautiful pine forests, and picturesque meadows are hidden among the trees. The area near the peak is very attractive in all seasons and offers plenty of opportunities for hiking, caving and skiing.
Nearby is situated the peak of Shirokolashki snezhnik – the second highest in the Rhodope Mountains (2 188 m.), also called Orpheus, and “Lednitsata” cave. At the foot of Perelik are located the villages of Gela, Solishta and Shiroka Laka.
Carpets of fragrant flowers and herbs, mushrooms and berries are abundant here.
Image: Bulgarian Tourist Union

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