Municipal History Museum – Gotse Delchev

The construction has typical wood-carved ceilings and doors made by local master carvers from the Debar carving school.
The museum was inaugurated in 1979 and since then it studies, preserves and popularizes the unique historical and architectural heritage of the region.
The Historical Museum has 12 exhibition halls, lapidarium and yard. The archaeological exposition presents a Thracian chariot, Thracian ceramics, a numismatic collection, marble statues and fragments from the Roman town Nicopolis ad Nestum (2nd century). Each year the museum arranges exhibitions of archaeological finds related to the Thracian, Slavonic and Old Bulgarian culture, found in the valley of Nestos (Mesta).

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Summer working time: Tuesday – Friday – 8.30–12.00h; 13.30–18.00h
Winter working time: Tuesday – Friday – 9.00–12.00h; 13.30–17.30h
Saturday and Sunday – 9.00–12.00h; 14.00–17.30h.