Hadzhi Dimitar’s grave – Svezhen village

The grave of Hadzhi Dimitar isn’t under Buzludzha peak in the Stara Planina Mountain, as said by the official story, it is at Kadrafil peak in Sredna Gora. This is a family legend from the village of Svejen, which has been passed mouth to mouth for several generations. According to the official historical data, Hadji Dimitar and thirty of his detachment fought their last battle on 18 July 1868. The voivode was killed during the heavy battle and then buried. His body, however, was never found under Buzludja. The few known memories of surviving people from his detachment speak for a completely different course of events. Their stories are supported by a jealously guarded legend from the village of Svezhen in Sredna Gora. “The local legend, it is covered with quite certain facts, events, memories that after the battle of Hadzhi Dimitar’s detachment at Buzludzha Peak, he was injured and transferred from his mates to Mount Katradil, which is in the surroundings of village of Svejen. There for one month he was fed, watched, bandaged, his wounds were bandage by Svezhen and Mrachen shepherds.

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