National Historical area “Petrova niva”

Here you can visit the museum for the preparation and conduction of the Ilinden-Preobrazhenie Uprising in 7th Adrianople revolutionary district, ossuary chapel “”St. Petka””, Peter’s Cabin and a monument marking the place, where the congress announcing the uprising was held on 11-13 July 1903 in 7th Adrianople Revolutionary district. The site is well maintained, every year Petrova Niva is a stage of the national Thracian congress held on 19th of August, date of the uprising outbreak and also the church holiday “”Transfiguration of Jesus””. The historical area “”Petrova niva”” is part of protected nature reserve, presenting the biodiversity of the river valley Veleka. Public access: the area can be reached along local asphalt road, there is existing internal infrastructure between the separate sites of the historical place.

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