History Museum – Chiprovtsi

The beginning of the museum work in Chiprovtsi dates back to 1968 when two museum collections – both historical and artistic – were created in connection with the celebration of the 280 years since the Chiprovtsi Uprising, at the Probuda Chitalishte. In 1979, the Regional Directorate of Cultural Heritage – Mihaylovgrad proposed to open a specialized museum for the past of Chiprovtsi. Years later, on the occasion of the forthcoming celebration of the 300th anniversary of the Chiprovsky Uprising, the decision of May 20, 1986, announced the establishment of the Chiprovtsi History Museum – “Museum Collections to Become a Historical Museum of History”. The exposition of the museum includes several sections – “Chiprovtsi metalworking”, “Chiprovtsi gold school”, “Chiprovtsi in the 17th century”, “Carpet hall” and “Revival art”. The ethnographic exhibition of the museum today is housed in the Katherine’s House, where it is also the only living collection in the country with dyeing plants for carpets. Temporary exhibitions are held at the Punk’s House. Throughout the years of its existence, the Chiprovtsi History Museum is the organizer of a number of scientific sessions and conferences, celebrations, visiting exhibitions from other museums, cultural programs for the local population.

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