Historical Museum Isperih

Nowadays the museum possesses more than 30 000 exponents, as well as an ethnographic house, a reception center and archaeological bases in the Historical and Archaeological Reservation “Sboryanovo”, and a wind mill in the village of Belintsi. The permanent exposition is situated in the building of the community center “Saznanie” in the center of the town, on an area of 180 square meters. It traces the history of the town of Isperih from antiquity to the present day with the help of archaeological and ethnographic materials, documents, pictures and personal belongings of famous people from the town and the municipality.
The Art Gallery is a branch of the Historical Museum in Isperih and possesses a rich picture fund. One of the most interesting sites of the Historical Museum is the Historical and Archaeological Reservation of Sboryanovo. Until now over 140 archaeological sites from various historical periods have been registered in the reservation. The most impressive ones are the Sveshtarska Royal Tomb, Demir Baba Tekke, Getae Capital of Helis, Kamen Rid Sanctuary and the Early Medieval Locality of Byuven Kasaba.
The most significant find in the region is the Sveshtarska Tomb, found in 1982 below Mound No 7 of the East Mound Necropolis of Sboryanovo (Ginina Mogila). It is a unique monument of the Thracian funeral architecture and dates back to the first quarter of the 3rd century BC. Another site included in the reservation of Sboryanovo is Demir Baba Tekke.

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