National Museum “Hristo Botev”, town of Kalofer

Hristo Botev was born in Kalofer in 1848. A museum, dedicated to him, was built in Kalofer, which stores, preserves and displays the personal belongings, documents, publications and works of the Bulgarian artist, along with other materials, associated with the life and work of Hrosto Botev, his family and his comrades. The museum is one of the most visited museum sites in Bulgaria.
The national museum “Hristo Botev” was built at the place, where the last house of the Botev family used to be. The museum complex is situated in the center of the town of Kalofer, in Boteva Gradina (Botev Garden) park. It includes several objects – a memorial museum house, an exhibition hall, a monument of Hristo Botev since 1930 and a monument of Ivanka Boteva – the mother of the poet. The whole ensemble was declared a group cultural monument – a historical place of national importance, in accordance with the Protocol of NSOPK of 14 December 1998.
A major element of the complex is the house, where Botev lived most of his life. He wasn’t born there, but called it a native home, because this was the place where he spent his childhood.

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