History Museum Karlovo

The historical museum in the city is a place where the guests of the town can get to know the past of Karlovo and the settlements of the region.
In its 100-year history, the Historical Museum in Karlovo has preserved its monuments of culture from ancient times to the present day. The exposition of the museum is situated at 800 square meters, in which only two of the departments of the museum – ethnography and Vazrazhdane are presented.
The building in which the exhibition is housed is one of the most representative architectural and historical buildings of the Bulgarian Renaissance – the classical male school built in 1871. In one of the halls of the museum with rich photo and documentary material is displayed the activity of The Bulgarian population from Karlovo, who participated in the national liberation movement and restored the Revolutionary Oath. The participation of the population of Karlovo in the Braille riots, the Belgrade legions, the detachments of Panayot Hitov and Phillius Totju, Hadji Dimitar and Stefan Karadja Gyuro Nachev, Teophan Raynov, Georgi Karlovski – participants in the fight Garibaldi’s unification of Italy, Botev, Serbo-Turkish War (1876), the Russo-Turkish War (1878).

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