The Klisura Museum of History

The building that houses The Klisura Museum of History was constructed in 1925-1926 as part of activities related to the commemoration of the April Uprising (1876).
The exhibition occupies few floors of the building. The most valuable item on display is the original bell that signaled the start of the uprising on April 20, 1976. The whole second floor of the museum depicts Klisura’s part in the event. On display are clothing, weapons used by the revolutionaries, and a copy of the revolutionaries’ banner. On the museum’s ground floor there is a small picture gallery displaying works by noted Bulgarian painters.
The rest of the exhibit is dedicated to the traditional activities of Klisura’s residents, such as the production of rose oil and the herding of livestock, as well as to the development of education in the city. The historical museum complex includes The Pavrudzhiev and The Kozinarov Houses. In the Pavrudzhiev House, located opposite the museum there is a restored rose oil distillery.

Accommodation in Klisura

Additional Information

Monday – Friday:
8.00 am – noon and 1.00 pm – 5.00 pm
Saturday and Sunday:
9.00 am – noon and 1.00 pm – 5.00 pm
Adults – BGN 2;
Students – BGN 1;
Entrance to The Pavrudzhiev and The Kozinarov Houses (for each house) is BGN 1 for adults and BGN .50 for students.
The general price of admission for all three sites is BGN 2 per person.
Tours in Bulgarian – BGN 5
For other visitors, printed information about the museum is available in English