Waterfall Kostenets

The famous Kostenski Waterfall is located on the Chavcha River, in the centre of the resort Kostenets Villas (Vili Kostenets) and is part of the 100 National tourist sites. The fall is about 12 m high and the highest water is in the spring. It is extremely attractive in the winter, when it freezes at low temperatures.
This landmark in Kostenets area has been colourfully illuminated since 2015 which makes evening walks by the waterfall nice and full of beauty and harmony. Around the waterfall there are some caves and rock formations that are protected. The Patriarch of the Bulgarian Literature – Ivan Vazov, describes the waterfall in his works “What the Mountain sings” and “Kostenets – Tracks”. The waterfall is the starting point for the main tourist routes in the northern part of the Rila Mountain in the direction of Belmeken: Kostenets Villas along the river Chavcha to the Belmeken Chalet; Waterfall – Gurgulitsa hut – Belmeken hut; resort Kostenets Villas – Belmeken Sports Complex.

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