House museum “Dimitar Peshev”, town of Kyustendil

The house museum “Dimitar Peshev ” in town of Kyustendil is restored in same look as the house where was lived Dimitar Peshev – a Bulgarian politician, well- known with his role in the rescue of the Bulgarian Jews. The house is located in the center of town, behind the Art Gallery “Vladimir Dimitrov the Master”. Kyustendil Municipality and the Ambassador of the country of Israeli – Mr. Emanuel Zisman, carry on the idea of ​​restoring of Peshev’s house. The museum has a permanent exhibition of objects, facsimiles and photographs that tell about the events from March 1943 and for the contribution of Peshev and his fellow: Peter Mihalev, Ivan Momtchilov, Vladimir Kourtev, Ivan omtchilov and Assen Suichmezov who helped for the rescue of the Bulgarian Jews from sending to concentration camps during World War II.

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