Museum of Vasil Levski in Lovech

The Museum of Vasil Levski is located in Architectural and Historic Preserve Varosha – an old neighbourhood in the town of Lovech. This is one of the most visited sites related to the work and memory of the Apostle of Freedom Vasil Levski, who chose Lovech for the revolutionary capital of Bulgaria.
The exhibition in the Museum of Vasil Levski spans two floors and chronicles the work of Vasil Levski and the struggle of the Bulgarian people for national liberation.
The museum houses the richest collection of Levski’s personal effects in Bulgaria. His sabre and dagger are exhibited here, together with a small printing press, counterfeit Turkish seals, receipts. An original portrait of Vasil Levski from 1870 is also on display in the museum. Among the exhibits there are possessions of Levski’s brothers-in-arms and his adherents from Lovech, of participants in the April Uprising /1876/ and the War of Liberation /1877-1878/.

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