Cave “Sharenka”

Cave “Sharenka” is a small cave-museum, situated about 2.5 km away from the town of Madan. It is named after town largest district – Sharenka. The cave is located in marble massif in a deep mountain gorge. It was found that the cave was used for mining and was inhabited during the Bronze Age (XVI-XII BC) . The cave was improved in 2008 as a joint project between municipalities of Madan and Keramoti (Greece). It is accessible by road, and for hikers by a trek long about 1 km. There are several eco-paths in the region. The cave entrance is located in the marble rock and after small slope there is an underground corridor leading to two small galleries. The ceiling of the biggest hall from both has a gap, like a natural chimney, which had played an important role in the mining and smelting of the ore. The cave has been turned into a museum with 10 wax figures in natural size, a fireplace, tools and household objects.

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