Military Graveyard Tutrakan

The memorial complex “Military Tomb – 1916” is the largest military cemetery from the national unification wars for our country. In 1913, South Dobrudzha found itself within the borders of royal Romania. For two years, with the help of French and Belgian military specialists, an imposing fortress with 15 forts, earth forts and wolves was built. A garrison of 39,000 people with 150 cannons and dozens of machine nests has defended South Dobruzha. They considered it impregnable, and Commander General Aslan used to call it “My Little Verdun”. But on September 5th and 6th, 1916, the Bulgarian army, under the command of General Kiselov, has captured it in 33 hours with a violent attack. In the battles or swallowed by the waters of Danube, 8,000 people have died. There were also 28,000 Romanian soldiers.

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