Misionis Fortress

Misionis was a large ancient town and fortress. It is located 7 km away of town of Targovishte in region Krumovo Kale, on the northern edge of the steep gorge of the river Vrana in Preslav Mountains. The catsle dating back to V-VI century. After excavations there were found remains of fortress walls 3-4 meters in height, remains of a large church, guard and residential buildings. The slopes of the hills were occupied of neighborhoods and in one of them was found a second large Christian church – basilica. In the vicinity were found also marble columns, antique stone objects, Roman pottery, medieval cemeteries and others. Probably the fortress Misionis existed until the end of the XIV century and was destroyed during the Ottoman invasion.


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All year round
Visit to Misionis Fortress with tour guide – 2.00 BGN per visitor.

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