National Museum “Earth and Man” in the city of Sofia

The National Museum “Earth and Man” is located in downtown Sofia. As of January 2016 a total of 37,000 museum pieces, are organized into 7 sections:
• The “Mineral Resources of Bulgaria” which store 3255 samples of 400 Bulgarian findings and exhibits.
• The most attractive part of the museum’s exhibition is “Giant crystals” – one of the two largest exhibitions in the world;
• “Minerals of the Earth” is the richest systematic collection on the Balkans, which includes 7600 samples of 1591 mineral specimins
• “New Materials” – a collection that has no equivalent in any museum around the world, with its 2597 samples.
• “Precious stones and ornamental stones” – the richest collection of its kind in the region, consisting of 2668 samples of all kinds of precious stones.

Accommodation in Sofia

Additional Information

Tuesday to Sunday:
10.00 am – 6.00 pm
closed Mondays
Adults – BGN 4
Students and seniors – BGN 2
Family tickets (2 adults and 2 children) – BGN 10
General guided tour in Bulgarian – BGN 10
special guided tour in Bulgarian – BGN 20
Guided tours in other languages (English, Russian, and French) – BGN 30