Natural landmark “Maarata” – Krushuna waterfalls

The Krushuna waterfalls and the “Maarata” natural landmark – а part of the 100 national tourist sites, are located near the village of Krushuna (Letnitsa municipality, Lovech district). The natural landmark “Maarata” covers an area of ​​5.7 hectares. The name derives from Turkish and means a “cave”. There are a lot of caves nearby, the most famous of which are “The waterfall”, “Urushka Maarata”, “Gornik” and “Bonin”. The beautiful Krushuna waterfalls can be reached by an eco path, strating from the village. The highest waterfall is 20 metres, the water forms two separate sleeves, where you can be observed smaller waterfalls. There are still remains of the medieval cells of monks Hesychasts from XIII and XIV century in the surrounding area. At one place can be seen all kinds of the Karst – carriages, whirlpool, foibes, gorges, precipices, cave galleries and halls.

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