The cathedral church “St. Mary”

The cathedral church “St. Bogorodica” is the biggest Revival church in Bulgaria. It was built in 1837 with the financial support of the Christians in Pazardzhik and a public loan from a bank in Vienna and represents spacious pseudo basilica with a nave and two isles, built on beautiful arcades.
The church is an architectural and artistic cultural monument of national importance and of exceptional cultural and historical value with its architecture and wood-carving iconostasis, created by masters from the Debar-miyashko school. The multilayer hemstitched wood-carving is a unique combination of geometric, floral and animal ornaments, in which can be found ornamental compositions, representing biblical scenes.
The iconostasis is rather impressive for the perfection of its style, the exquisiteness and complexity of its composition, the richness of light and shade effects, the purity of forms and the confidence of its fulfillment.

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