Museum of Mining

The town of Pernik is also known as the Town of Black Gold. The development of Pernik is closely related to mining. The Museum of Mining in Pernik is not housed in a building, but it is part if an underground gallery.
In the beginning the visitors pass through a tunnel reinforced by wooden supports – as it was in the past. Various types of equipments for reinforcement and lightning can be seen along the entire length of the galleries. An exposition of transportation equipment is also presented – various types of locomotives and passenger trolleys, most of which are authentic and show the progress of mining industry after 1896.
The visitors can touch authentic mining instruments. Accessories and equipment, mine phones and means of communication, protective equipment, self preservers, etc. are presented in the museum expositions.
A part of the inventory is the first locomotive, commissioned in Pernik Mines – Siemens of 1925.

Accommodation in Pernik

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Monday to Friday:
10.00 – 16.00
Students and pensioners – 1lv.
Adults – 3lv.

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