Historical Museum – town of Perushtitsa

The historical museum in the town of Perushtitsa is situated in the very center of the town – opposite to the community center.
The complex includes four halls. The exposition of the museum traces out the course of development of the settlement from the Neolith (6000 years BC) to its contemporary look. The ethnographic exposition introduces the style of life of the local residents: labor tools, clothes, pots, jewelry. A part of museum is the church “St. Archangels Gabriel and Michael”, in which during the April Uprising the residents of Perustitsa were hiding and for 7 days they were fighting for their life and freedom. The bones of the revolutionaries are kept in a stone sarcophagus. At the east wall there is a large marble slab where the names of the killed people are inscribed.
Another interesting landmark, situated in a close proximity to the Church, is the Danovo school – the first class school in the town. In 1876 the school was turned into a hospital, functioning with the funds of Lady Emily Strangford (an English social figure who organized the collection of funds for the harmed Bulgarian population after the suppression of the April Uprising). Above the town, on the Vlasevitsa hill, a majestic monument is raised – Monument of Three Generation. It was built to the memory of the people killed during the April Uprising.

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