Plovdiv Region

The Plovdiv region is located in Central South Bulgaria and covers the Upper Thracian Plain, parts of the Rhodopes, Sredna Gora and Stara Planina Mountains. It is rich in water resources, with the Maritsa River being the largest river in the region. The area has a well-developed industry and agriculture. The production of high quality wines and tobacco is particularly strong.
The region was settled by the Thracians before the Romans settled in these territories. Subsequently, it became part of Bulgaria, but after the Liberation from the Ottoman Empire part of the territory remained within Eastern Rumelia, which in 1885 unites with the Principality of Bulgaria. In and around Plovdiv, the oldest populated city in Europe, there are hundreds of cultural, archaeological and historical landmarks left by the peoples living here.

The region in numbers

683 000 inhabitants

10 from the 100 national tourist sites

5962 sq. km. total area

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