Roman Thermae at the town of Hisarya

It was around the mid-2 nd century by the thermal springs at today’s Momina salza Park when the building of the Roman Thermae started. At that time they also served as a sanctuary of the Nymphs (nymphaeum). At the same time were built: caldarium № 1; the antechamber south of it which was equipped with a heating system with mineral water; and the main gate consisting of three arched passages. During the second half of the 2 nd century, the Thermae were extended to the East where three new rooms were added. Those which have been revealed include caldarium № 2 with three pools and two large rooms to the North of it where massages with fragrant oils were given before the SPA procedures in the mineral pools. By the mid-4 th century, at its finished state, the Thermal complex of Diocletianopolis covered an area of approximately 3 decares (0.3 ha). The Roman Thermae at the town of Hisarya are the only one of their kind on the Balkans and in Europe where today one can still trace the mineral water’s way from its natural spring through the water-mains, pools and overflow drains to the ancient sewage. The archaeological finds discovered during the excavations of the Thermae (votive reliefs of the Nymphs with votive inscriptions, architectural details from the marble flooring and wall tiling, a marble lion’s head, etc.) are exhibited at the Archaeological museum.

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