Roman Thermae – Varna

The Roman thermae of the ancient Roman city of Odessos are the largest in Bulgaria and the fourth-largest preserved Roman baths in Europe. They are located in the oldest region of Varna – the so-called Greek neighborhood. They were built at the end of the 2nd century and were over 20 meters high taking a total area of about 7000 sq.m. The baths functioned until the end of the 3rd century. Due to the decline of the Roman Empire and their expensive maintenance, the Roman baths were abandoned, and smaller ones, the so- called Small Roman terms, were built nearby, which can also be seen nowadays. The thermae were not just a place for bathing but also a social space where people gathered and interacted. Central to the facility is the hot water bath. There were other smaller pools with different water temperatures. The rooms were lavishly decorated with columns and statues that can still be seen today. the medieval church “St. Georgi ”, which existed until 1948, was built over the debris of the Roman baths. Its remains can still be seen today. Nowadays, the Roman thermae of Varna are adapted to the modern cultural life of our sea capital and often held concerts and performances during the summer season.

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