“St. Marina” Monastery

Monastery St. Marina is situated near the village Karan Varbovka – municipality Dve Mogili, region Ruse. It is one of the oldest Bulgarian monasterys, established during the second Bulgarian kingdom – this period of our history range over 1185 – 1396 years. Ater Bulgaria fall under the the turkish domination, the monastery was burn down and as time goes by, was little by little forgotten. The rebuild of the second monastery stared in the beginning of 19th century. Near by the destroyed monastery was build a church. This church, devoted to St. Marina was renovated during the years and existes until today. Arhimandrit Veniamin is writing in his book “Short history of the monastery St. Marina”, that when he came in the holly cloister, above the entrance was written the year – 1890. The legend says that the field where today the monastery is based, was property of turkish man, who’s child was born blind. One day during july, the child was playing in the field. Runing around the field, the child fall forward on face in a water coming form the ground. And it begin to see! The day was 17th of july – the day of St. Marina. The grateful father give the field with sprig with healing water to the Christians and asked them to build places for the coming sick people, so they can stay there until get well. Today the sprig is based in the middle of the chulch. Years and years, from that times until now, thousands of people are coming to the monastery, with a great hope to find healing. And it happens! By the prayers of St. Marina and the blessed water. People with eye problems, kidneys, stress disease, people not able to speak and many, many more live a new life after coming with faith to the monastery! The monastery doors are wide open, every day for everyone! “St. Marina” monastery is an active male monastery. The monastery does not offer food and accommodation.

Where to stay near "St. Marina" Monastery