The Samokov Historical Museum

The museum began its collection in 1930, and opened to the public in 1936. On the first floor there is an exhibition called “Samokov – Soul and Metal.” It shows how Samokov became an important center for iron production. Archeological finds demonstrate that there is a long tradition of metalworking in the region. One of the most interesting displays shows small-scale working models of cauldrons for pouring molten metal and the “samokovi” – the mechanical hammers. The museum’s display of tools presents the region’s traditional handicrafts during the Bulgarian Awakening (19th century), such as homespun weaving (the production of rough woolen cloth), pottery making, and the considerable skill of coppersmiths. There is also a display of antique jewelry production – the shaping and working of semiprecious stones in antique settings. Another interesting exhibit is glasswork from a factory opened in Samokov in the 19th century, where the much-admired glaziers from Karlovi Vari were employed. Visitors to the museum may also view an exhibit of clothing and textiles typical of Samokov and the surrounding region. The museum’s second floor offers an exposition of the Samokov School of painters from the 17th century to the beginning of the 20th century. On display are works by the school’s first exponent, Hristo Dimitrov (1745-1819), and work by his sons Dimitar (1796-1860) and Zahari Zograf (1810-1853).

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8.30h -12.00 h and 13.00h -17.30 h
break: 12.00-13.00
Without day-off
Students from Samokov – free
Students and Pensioners – 1.00 BGN
Adults – 2.00 BGN
Disabled people and kids under 6 – free
Family ticket (parents with kids) – 4.00 BGN
Guided tour in Bulgaran – 5.00 BGN
Guided tour in foreign language – 10.00 BGN