Shumen Fortress Historical-Archaeological Preserve – Shumen

Shumen Fortress is one of the most famous landmarks in Bulgaria and the Shumen region. The remains of the fortress are 3 kilometres away from the centre of modern-day Shumen. The fortress is situated in the Shumen Plateau. Shumen Fortress was probably first built by Thracians and was later completed and reconstructed by Romans, Byzantines, and Bulgarians. It is believed that the first fortification built in this place is 3200 years old, which makes it one of the oldest fortifications in Bulgaria. Conquered and demolished many times, Shumen Fortress rose to new life and existed until 1444. Today Shumen Fortress is reborn as a popular tourist destination. It is exhibited as an open-air museum. Visitors are provided with easy access to the remains thanks to the alleys and signs. Perhaps tourists are most attracted by the rebuilt tower of the fortress that offers a beautiful view of the town of Shumen and the Shumen Plateau Nature Park.

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November – March: every day from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.
April – October: every day from 9.00 am to 7.00 pm.
Adults: BGN 3
Students and people with disabilities – BGN 1;
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