Regional History Museum Shumen

The history museum in Shumen was set up in 1857 when Sava Dobroplodni (1820 – 1894), a teacher from the Bulgarian Revival Period, organised the first expedition to the remains of the old Bulgarian capital Veliki Preslav (Great Preslav) together with students and when they exhibited their finds in the local school. Since 1891 the museum has been housed in a building in the centre of the town which is open for tourists even today. Shumen History Museum comprises eight permanent exhibitions presenting artefacts dated from a period between the 5th century BC and the 20th century AD.

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1st November – 31st March
Monday to Friday – 9.00-17.001st April- 31st October
Monday to Friday – 9.00-17.00
Students – 1lv.
Adults – 3lv.