National Palace of Culture – Sofia City

The National Palace of Culture is situated in the center of Sofia City. It is a multifunctional complex, a synthesis of modern architecture and plastic arts. The wonderful spaces are spiritualized by more than one hundred works of the monumental painting, sculpture, woodcarving, tapestry, metal plastics and other genres.
The NPC contains 15 multifunctional halls, 55 premises for meetings, with total capacity of more than 8,000 seats and more than 15,000 square meters of exhibition area. Among them, Hall 1 is the largest one and the most representative hall in the complex. Its area is 11,000 square meters and is equipped with stationary arm-chairs. Its total capacity is 3,692 seats. In the multiple halls of the Palace everyone can get close to various genres in art. A series of fairs are also conducted here during the whole year. The most popular of them are: “Made in Bulgaria” (in November), “Book Fair” (in December).

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