National Polytechnic Museum

The National Polytechnic Museum in Sofia is one of the oldest museums in the country. The mission of the Museum is to find and preserve movable cultural heritage in the field of technology and to study the development of engineering and technology in the Bulgarian lands. Among the most interesting exhibits of the Museum ranks a 1952 Messerschmitt automobile. It is a two-seater vehicle with an aircraft-style opening canopy and tandem-seating like in the cockpit of a fighter. Another fascinating exhibit is the emblematic Ford Model T from the end of the 1920s. It is beautifully restored and is even in operating condition.
One of the richest collections of the Polytechnic Museum is dedicated to time measurement devices. There are museum displays showcasing the different types of manufacturing which flourished in the country at various times – glassblowing, production of rose oil, chocolate and sweets, etc. One of the most intriguing collections demonstrates labour-saving devices used by the Bulgarian housewife. The exhibits include a vibrating Bulgarian washing machine, a vacuum floor cleaner, a manual ice-cream machine and many other interesting appliances.
One of the most valuable artifacts, not only in the Polytechnics Museum but in Bulgaria as a whole, is a glass vessel holding some of the first experimental crystals of the chemical element germanium.

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8.30 am – 5 pm, closed on Saturdays and Sundays
Adults – BGN 5,
students and seniors – BGN 2.Guided tours available in Bulgarian and in foreign languages – BGN 10; Demonstrations – BGN 10.