Museum house “Ivan Vazov” – Sopot

In 1920, on the eve of the jubilee celebrations commemorating the 70th anniversary of the birth and the 50-year literary activity of the poet among the Sopot Friendship in Sofia arose the idea of ​​restoring his native home. On the Vaz jubilee day – October 24, 1920, a committee for building a memorial and house museum of the poet Ivan Vazov in Sopot was established. Start collecting funds. The project for the restoration of the home of the poet was made by the architect of the Archaeological Museum in Sofia Alexander Rachev on the basis of the instructions of General Georgi Vazov and Vazova sister Vula Fetvadjieva. In 1920, at the request of the artist Georgi Cherkezov, Ivan Vazov made a sketch of his father’s hearth, which was also used for his restoration.
The house was built in 1931. The interior of the house was made under the direction of the director of the Ethnographic Museum in Sofia, L. Kostov and on the basis of information from the Vaz brothers and Vala Vazova-Fetvadjieva. As a source for interior restoration, Vazov’s work was used, especially his novel Under the Yoke. In one of the rooms of the house on the idea of ​​St. L. Kostov, the Ethnographic Museum in Sofia restores Hadji Achilles Barber Shop with the Vaz Colorful Heroes from the story “”Hadji Achil”” and his novel “”Chichovtsi””. On June 6, 1935, the house was officially opened as a museum. Sopot is decorated with flags, carpets and roses. In 1964 the house museum “”Ivan Vazov”” in Sopot was declared a monument of culture of national importance.
On the occasion of the 120th anniversary of the birth of the poet, on July 8, 1970 an exhibition for his life and creative path was opened in the building built next to his home. The Ivan Vazov House Museum in Sopot carries the atmosphere of the Renaissance era with its unique color, emanating from the colors of the Sopot rugs and tunics, woven by the handsome hands of Vazov’s mother, Saba Vazova.

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