Peak Botev, Stara Planina Mountain

In the middle of the Stara Planina Mountain, in the Kalofer area, Botev Peak rises as a huge dome. Looked at his foot, he looks like a giant fist. Botev Peak(2376m) is the highest peak of the Balkan Mountains and third in height in Bulgaria – after Musala in Rila and Vihren in Pirin. From the north, it outlines the majestic, fearsome and enchanting depths of the North Djendem. Among the chaos of steep cliffs and sheer rocks, dozens of streams form a continuous string of waterfalls and sprays. From the south, shady vertical rocks encircle Botev peak and outline the secretive South Djendem. To the west and east, the peak descends to the two saddles of Nozzle and Marinka. Further on both sides, like the rosary, there are lower peaks. After the Liberation those who love the inconspicuous beauty of the Stara Planina are coming here to enjoy the view. Meteorologists, who remain to live and work in the storms of his flat meadow, are climbing in time. Before 1942, the third in Bulgaria and the second highest mountain meteorological observatory were built.

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