Regional Historical Museum Stara Zagora

Тhe regional historical museum in Stara Zagora is situated in the center of the town. Thousands of important exponents are stored in its fund. The museum windows trace the historical epochs. The Stara Zagora region has been inhabited since antiquity. Evidences of this can be seen in the first exposition hall of the museum. The earliest evidences of settlement are from the Late Stone Age – 6 thousand years BC. The Roman period of the historical development of the Stara Zagora region began in the 46th year AD when the region was conquered by the Romans. The museum keeps impressive exponents from this period, found during excavations – glass, bronze lamps, statues, jewels, coins. During the construction of the new museum building was found the building a part of the main street of the Roman town – cardo maximus – which was connecting the South and the North town gate. Nowadays it can be seen in the underground level of the museum – exposed “in situ” – where it had been found. The exposed street is decorated as it was in the past – by columns, statues and stone relieves, and a wall pane pictures its continuation to the presently missing South Gate of the town. The other exposition halls in the museum trace the town history and its destiny during the late antiquity, the Middle Ages and the Revival to the moment of the great fire, which destroyed it almost entirely in 1877. After the liberation on 5 October 1879 the first stone was laid for the restoration of Stara Zagora. This date turned into an official day of the town, which was born from ashes for a new life. Various information materials are sold in the museum.

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