Thracian Temple Complex Starosel

The Thracian Temple Complex in the Chetinyovata Mogila, at a distance of 4km from the village of Starosel, was found in 2000. This is the oldest ever found royal Thracian complex with a mausoleum. It dates back to the end of 5th and the beginning of 4th century BC.
The Thracian Temple Complex at Starosel covers six underhill temples, four of which are unique, as well as a few royal burials. The large temple at Chetinyova Mogila and the Horizon temple are open for tourist visits. The entire hill is surrounded by a wall made of processed granite blocks. The wall is called krepis and outlines a circle which according to the Thracian religious believes symbolizes the Sun. The entrance of the temple has a parade staircase and two pedestals, on which statues of lions were sitting.
The staircase leads the visitors to a flat platform, used for ritual dances. A corridor leads to the real façade of the temple and the round hall containing 10 decorative semi-columns and tryglyphs (rectangular plate above each column) with blue and red decoration. Religious ceremonies, related to the cult to the Mother Goddess, her son the Sun and Orpheus were performed in the temple. A warehouse for wine and water is situated on the north part of the mound.

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