The Stob Pyramids

The sandstone pyramids of Stob are near the village of Stob, in the region of the southwestern Rila mountain range. Some of the pyramids are pointed and needle-like, while others are round and topped with sandstone “hats” having dimensions of 120/80 cm. and resembling giant mushrooms. Their bases are wide and often joined to neighboring formations. They are arranged in picturesque ways, and many of the formations have been given names – the Towers, The Hammers, The Wild Woman’s Chimneys, The Snaggle-tooths, the Brothers, The Wedding Couple, and so forth.

Where to stay near the Stob pyramids

Additional Information

March – October:
8.30 am – 6.30 pm
open every dayNovember – February
8.30 am – 5.00 pm
closed Saturday and SundayDecember, January, and February are not good times to visit the pyramids, since the trail is usually muddy or covered with snow.
Adults – BGN 2
students and seniors – BGN 1
The price of the guided tour is included in the admission fee.