Aleko Konstantinov House Museum

The house in Svishtov, where the great Bulgarian writer and public figure Aleko Konstantinov lived, became a museum in 1926. The writer himself donated it to the local municipality while he was alive. Today the museum by the River Danube tells us more about the short but extremely rich and interesting life of Aleko Konstantinov. Bulgarian Renaissance style of the second half of the 19th century and gorgeous interior impress with authenticity and refinement. Some personal belongings of the writer are exposed as well as his work in publications in Bulgarian and foreign languages. Aleko Konstantinov was born on 1 January 1863 in Svishtov in the family of a prominent merchant. Aleko graduated in Russia and after his return to Bulgaria worked as a judge and prosecutor. He was a distinguished public figure and a founder of the organized tourist movement in Bulgaria. He wrote poetry, feuilletons, travel notes and articles. He was killed for political reasons on 11 May 1897.
image: History Museum Svishtov

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